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The Mahjong Club Lausanne gladly invite you to join their winter tournament.

Registration is now open!

Rules:     MCR
Date:      27th and 28th of January 2024
Location:  International School of Lausanne (ISL),
       Chemin de la Grangette 2
      1052 Le Mont-sur-Lausanne
Sessions:     7 sessions of 120 minutes
Nb of players:    max 80, players will be admitted by groups of 4 once 48 players have registered
Registration fee:  CHF 65 ( including 2 lunches, snacks and drinks)
Registration up to:  22th of December 2023 (you can pay until January 10th)

To register, please fill out the form available here.

Referee: Frédéric Chassot
EMA observer: Marion Hoarau

Until January 10th 2024, in CHF*, on this account:
Address : Mahjong Club Lausanne, 1000 Lausanne, Switzerland
IBAN : CH24 00767 000R 5346 3982

Please comment your name and EMA number on your paiement.
*If needed, you can now pay in euros, at the following prices:
Registration only: 70€
Registration + raclette: 90€

Food and drinks:
Snacks and drinks will be available throughout the tournament.
Our caterer for lunches is the restaurant Urumqi (chinese food). We thank you in advance for sending us your food allergies with your subscription, so we can assure that everyone who needs it will have a suitable meal.
You can subscribe to the Saturday night raclette for an additionnal 20CHF. This price includes the drinks (soft drinks, tea and white wine).
For ecology and practical purposes, please bring your own water bottle and/or mug. As the tap water in le Mont-sur-Lausanne is very good, we will not have bottled water available.

By car :
The ISL has an outside parking lot and is a few minutes away from the highway (exit at Lausanne Blécherette).
By public transports:
Bus stop Clochatte is less than 100 metres away from the school (bus 18 from Riponne-M. Béjart, 14 minutes). The underground line M2 connects the train station to Riponne-M. Béjart (2 stops, 2-3 minutes).
The closest airport is Geneva (GVA). The train to Lausanne takes about an hour.


Saturday the 27th:

08:00-09:00Welcome and croissants
09:00-11:001st session
11:30-13:302nd session
14:30-16:303rd session
17:00-19:004th session
19:30-22:00Raclette (additionnal, on subscription)

Sunday the 28th:

08:00-09:00Morning snacks
09:00-11:005th session
11:30-13:306th session
14:30-16:307th session
17:00Results and prizes
0Surname, nameEMA numberCountryRacletteAllergiesPayment
1Hofmann, Marc-Antoine16000021CHOK
2Boutonnet, Thomas04280015FRYes1OK
3Rak, Agnès04090016FRYes
4Taponier, Élise04040122FR
5Boisson, Véronique04210023FRYesOK
6Meyer-Bisch, Agnès04280021FRYes1
7Rak, Cyrille04090026FRYes
8Nilsson, StinaconfirmationCH
9Hermier, Sarah04140040FRYes +11
10Hoarau, Marion04090055FRYes1
11Lassays, Cécile04440006FRYes1
12Fonteneau, Anaïs04090132FRYes
13Toucas, Élizabeth12000001PTYes1
14Besnard, Thierry04990015FR
15Talbot, Julien04090134FRYesOK
16Benefice, Camille04090122FRYes
17De Kergommeaux, Erwan04290030FR
18Bondoin, Sandra04040047FRYes
19De Kergommeaux, Loïc04290031FR
20Gherman, Vasile04210032FR1
21De Aguiar, Bruno04280033FRYes1
22Gavelli, Luca07000001ITYes
23Felder, Mei Hwa16000001CHYes
24Barbet, Jean-Louis04030074FR
25Tassinari, Ombretta07000093ITYes
26La Hoang, Huy04120084FRYes
27Bourquard, Duncan16000044CHYes +1
28Aguerre, Cédric04090080FRYes
29Vlamynck, Gérald04040243FRYes
30Heinis, Eloïse04130107FRYesOK
31Hernandez, Esther16000026CH
32Alonso Blanco, Marcos16000030CHYes
33Foschi, Elisa07000083IT
34Roy, Olivier04210015FRYesOK
35Hêche, Gérard16000011CH
36Boivin, Olivier04040010FRYesOK
37Baptiste, Nicolas04410014FRYesOK
38Roland, Marie-Claude16000045CHOK
39Anderson, Darryl16000039CH1
40Arnold, Thibaut 16000035 CH
41Hugo, Emmanuelle04290006FR
42Montebelli, Marco07000018ITYes
43Demichel, Eva04130106FRYesOK
44Santos, Manuel04290023FROK
45Stepanova, Anna10990088ESYes
46Ferruzzi, Giacomo07000035ITYes
47Bonaldo, Rosita07000014ITYes
48Natali, Daniela07000066ITYes
49Palmisano, Oscar07000155ITYes
50Sansevieri, Domenico07000170ITYes
51Shpilman, AnnaRU1
52D’Angelo, Christiane04040036FR
53Baudin, Cédric16000042CHYes
54Foschi, Marco07000070IT
55Iacolino, Giuseppe07000115IT
56Martini, Francesco07000096IT
57Savini, Elena07000023ITYes
58Rosi, Alberto07000114IT1
59Jourdain, David04030062FR
60Mayr Delacrétaz, Tanja16000016CH1OK
61Waechter, Jade04130121FRYes
62Manzo, Annie04090024FR
63Manzo, Bruno04090025FR
64Galitch, Oliver16000006CH
Last update: December 7th, 11:00.